OTConfigs 2.0

OTConfigs is an AppleScript addition that lets you control OpenTransport
configurations using AppleScript.

Main feature since 1.0:
- Change the configuration of TCP/IP, PPP, and other OpenTransport
control panels without having to open a Control Panel.

New features in 2.0:
- You can Export, Import, Delete, and Rename an OpenTransport
configuration via AppleScript - very useful when moving configurations
from one machine to another or installing a set of configurations onto
multiple machines.
- Using program linking, you can execute an OTConfigs command on a
remote machine.

Sample scripts that exhibit each feature are included. A few of them
- "Export All Configs"
Executing this script exports all configurations currently available.
- "Import Configs"
You can drop any type of OpenTransport configuration files onto this
script application. Dropped files will be imported by appropriate
OpenTransport Control Panels.

In order to move OpenTransport configurations from one machine to
another, you execute "Export All Configs", move the folder containing
the configuration files to the target machine, and drop it onto "Import
Configs". All configurations will be available on the target machine.
Using program linking and scriptable Finder, you could install
configurations without seeing a target machine.

OTConfigs is a $10 shareware. However, you can use all features without
paying a shareware fee, except that you can't execute a command on a
remote machine without obtaining a registration code.


Path: /www/exparrot/files.tidbits.com/info-mac/cfg/ot-configs.hqx

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