Pads 2.0.4 - Note Pad/Stickies Replacement for the Macintosh

Pads is a simple replacement for the standard Note Pad and Stickies
applications. It is a carbonized application that runs natively under Mac OS

Pads is as simple to use as either Note Pad or Stickies, yet provides
significant new features. Pads gives users the ability to organize their
notes and use them more effectively.

- Notes can be given titles.
- Notes can be categorized.
- Pages can be "torn off" so that multiple pages can be viewed at
once (like Stickies). These tear-off pages can be closed later
without destroying the original notes.
- Standard Macintosh features such as styled text and drag-and-drop
editing are supported. Text wrapping (on by default) can be turned off.
- New notes can be created automatically when text selections, clippings
or files are dragged into the Pads window.
- The interface is intuitive and can be customized by the user
- Pages can be locked to protect against accidental deletion
or modification.

Pads is a shareware program. It is not restricted in features or
time-limited in any way. The fee for a single user license is $15.

The Pads web site is at:

Inquiries and feedback should be directed to: or

The author of Pads is Dennis C. De Mars, who also created Fractal Domains,
a popular shareware fractal program for the Macintosh.

Path: /www/exparrot/

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