Sesame 2.2 - Password protection for your Macintosh

Sesame is a simple but effective safety tool for your Macintosh or
compatible computer. This application prevents unauthorized access by
requesting a password whenever it is launched (for instance at startup).

Security options will prevent a power user from inactivating Sesame at
startup or forcing it to quit. And even if a snooper uses a System floppy
disk to start up, Sesame will protect you: it can automatically hide the
files of folders you have selected; without the right password, they will
remain invisible. You can easily personalize the presentation of the
password dialog with your own icon, picture or text, and Sesame even
incorporates a screen saver. And finally, a nice touch for site
administrators: you can create an administrator password in addition to
your individual password.

Sesame requires System 7 or higher and is fully compatible with Mac OS 8.

Sesame comes with a detailed manuel, and an installer program that will
install everything for you.

Shareware $10 (site license: $100, world-wide licence: $400).

*** This is the German version

Sesame is

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