Total Desktop Rebuild 1.1

Program: Total Desktop Rebuild 1.1
Author: Alessandro Levi Montalcini
Price: Freeware

Total Desktop Rebuild is a free system extension that allows
you to completely erase all your desktop files so that they are
rebuilt from scratch when the startup process is over. To delete
all the desktop files on all available disks, simply hold down
the Command and Option keys while Total Desktop Rebuild is
loading. A small red flash is then added to the startup icon,
and Total Desktop Rebuild attempts to do its job.

Warning: Total Desktop Rebuild will completely delete all your
file comments. If you wish to preserve them, use Kelvin
Delbarre's Commentator utility or the Finder's built-in desktop
rebuild capabilities instead (by holding down Command and Option
at the end of the startup process, while the Finder is loading).
Commentator is available on all info-mac mirrors, and it lets
you save your file comments before you rebuild the desktop and
restore them later.

Yes, I know there are dozens of other utilities that do the
same thing (for example, check out AutoBuild by Rene G.A. Ros if
you want to automatically rebuild your desktop every once in a
while). But I needed to rebuild my desktops from scratch, and I
had to use an extension, and of course I couldn't find the one I
used to play with. So I cooked up my own in ten minutes, and
since I'm passing it to you for free you shouldn't be
complaining in the first place...

New in version 1.1:
- Now attempts to mount all available disks before deleting
the desktop files.

Path: /www/exparrot/

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