MyBattery 3.3.6

PR - MyBattery 3.3.6 is available!

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MyBattery is the essential battery monitoring tool for Macintosh notebook
owners! David Pogue of MacWorld loved its "super-cool fuel gauge."
MyBattery features include:

* Customizable display window.
* Accurately estimates how much battery life remaining - and it "learns"
to adjust the estimate to be more accurate for your particular PowerBook.
* Multiple battery support.
* User-configurable menu bar displays.
* Color & grayscale support.
* Status indicators for AppleTalk, CPU speed, internal modem, and charger.
* Battery charger status (hi-charge, lo-charge, running off internal battery).
* Compatible with any portable Macintosh that supports the Power Manager
(Macintosh Portable, all PowerBooks, Duo's, etc.).
* Compatible with System 6.0.8 or later (System 7.x friendly).
* Stand-alone application, for minimum conflicts and maximum RAM flexibility.

Version 3.3.6 contains the following enhancements:
* Fix bug reading battery serial number on older PowerBooks.
* Improve estimates for PowerBook G3 Series.

To fully activate the historical estimation feature and some display
options, you must register your copy of MyBattery. Suggested fee is $10;
see enclosed documentation for further info.

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