a2basic-translator-09.hqx for MacOS 10.2.x and later

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File: /cmp/a2basic-translator-09.hqx
Project: a2basicTranslator v0.9 (freeware)
Copyright (c) 2004 syndrome3D. All rights reserved.
Released 2004-05-02, Sunday May 2nd 2004
Author: Louis C. Sacha
URL: http://www.syndrome3d.com/dev/

The a2basicTranslator application allows Applesoft BASIC program
files created on Apple II computers to be converted into
human-readable text program listings, providing functionality similar
to the BASIC "list" command. This application will run on MacOS
10.2.x or later.

This 0.9 version of a2basicTranslator is capable of reading and
converting most Applesoft BASIC programs. Any uncorrupted program
should translate correctly, and some corrupted programs which contain
extraneous bytes or duplicate program lines can be translated
(although the resulting listing will reflect those errors). A
forthcoming 1.0 version will provide more control over the
translation process, allowing programs with more serious file format
errors to be translated as well, however there is no firm date when
that will occur (which is the reason why this older build of the
application is being released).

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