Date: Fri, 4 Nov 1994 17:21:18 -0600

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Terrainman 2.0 is a Pict-DXF utility. It will take greyscale Pict files
and convert then into 3D DXF terrain files that you can export to almost
all popular Mac 3D rendering apps.

New features include:

The program now draws in true 3D (with optional perspective) instead of
Terrain can be rotated to any of 64,800 views instead of just, um, four.
Predefined views (front, side, top, etc.) let you see your model's true
Pictures can be pasted from the clipboard or opened from files.
A "clipping plane" can be used, which will omit all polygons below a
certain altitude.
The display now offers your choice of colors.
Now saves DXF files much MUCH faster.
Will optionally strip leading spaces from DXF files, to make the files smaller.
Even unstripped DXF files are somewhat smaller than they used to be.
Sports a slick new animated splash screen.
Sports several slick new interface graphics.
And finally, Terrainman now sports a slick new PRICE: $10. Freeware no more.

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