Unsea 1.0 is here

If you have trouble reading Japanese text files
downloaded from UNIX machine to the Mac, you might need
this. Macintosh uses Shift JIS for its Japanese character
code. On UNIX machine as I checked EUC or JIS code is often
used. When you download a Japanese text file, e.g., e-mail,
manual, etc., from UNIX machine, you can't read it on the
Mac because of the code difference. Here is how you can
dissolve this problem. Just drag text files to the Unix2Mac
icon. A code exchanged file appears in the same folder.

Masazumi Takahashi

#### SHELL_ARC unsea-10-unix.shar ****

Date: Sun, 9 Aug 1992 17:26:16 EDT

This letter marks the formal release of unsea 1.0. Unsea is a mainframe-
level ANSI C program that removes the self-expanding code from MacBinary
encoded StuffIt(TM) or Compact Pro(TM) files.
Since unsea is ANSI C, you'll have to use an ANSI C compiler (like gcc)
to compile it. (The reason for this is that the only C referecnce book
is the 2nd edition of the K&R book, so I simply couldn't write it
as K&R C code.)

To put it on your system, get the shar file(see below for where) and
delete anything above the line "#!/bin/sh". Then unarchive it, using
"sh " for UNIX machines or your local shar decoder for other
machines. Then follow the instructions in "unsea.txt" and "Makefile"
to compile the program.

The newest version of unsea will always be available on f.ms.uky.edu,
in the /pub/mac/unix directory, as well as anyone who is on the MacGifts
list that mac.archive.umich.edu runs.

Feel free to send any questions you have about unsea to me at
rankin=irc@ms.uky.edu, rankin=irc@ukma.BITNET or rankin=irc@ukma.UUCP.

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