UULite 3.0 Release for the Macintosh

I am pleased to announce the release of UULite version 3.0 for the
Macintosh. UULite is one of the fastest, most powerful and easiest to
use smart uudecoder/uuencoders available for the Macintosh.

UULite is one of the first and best uuencoder/ uudecoders available for
the Macintosh. It's a highly optimized, single-pass, disk-based
uudecoder/ uuencoder. Because it's disk based, it's never necessary to
adjust its memory partition to handle any file -- no matter how large.
UULite version 3.0 now runs native on both Power Macs and 680x0
Macintoshes. If the task is to uudecode/uuencode files, UULite will
save you time and aggravation.

Version 3.0 has the following features:

* One-step Smart uudecoding:
- Multi-part file decoding with automatic header and footer removal - no
editing required
- Ability to decode source files containing multiple output image files
- Drag and Drop decoding of any number of files
- Ability to automatically move source file to the trash
- File Merge and Decode for decoding images from multiple input files
* One-step uuencoding with file splitting to simplify Usenet posting
* Smart automatic file Type and Creator stamping - user configurable
* Manual file Type and Creator editing on any file
* UNIX <=> Mac text conversion
* No Frills uudecoding
* Direct and unambiguous feedback on progress
* Background processing: decode/encode in the background while you work on
other things
* Help and Usenet Read News Tutorial
* Improved NewsWatcher compatibility
* Ability to use other programs as helper programs
- You can now configure UULite to feed decoded files to other programs
(launching them if necessary). Imagine selecting an uuencoded image
file in NewsWatcher, choosing "Extract Binaries" and having the image
decoded and fed to a program like JPEGView for immediate display on
your screen...all in one step.
System Requirements: Macintosh (680x0 or Power Macintosh) running System
7.0 or greater with at least 500K of available RAM.

Jeff Strobel

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