YellowExtractor 1.3.0 FAT

YellowExtractor, formerly QIMExtractor, may extract from QIM compressed
archive and QIMDocuments. It may also decrypt files encrypted with The
MacLocksmith, if you own the right password, naturally. In addition it may
decode Binhex and MacBinary files.
It is Internet Config aware, Appearance savvy and requires at least System
7 to run.

It can be freely distributed without limits from anyone: it's FREEWARE .

Author: Rocco Moliterno

New since version 1.2.2:
Removed Spin Cursor, for better memory management. Added ability do decrypt
The MacLocksmith files. Better alerts. Better error infos. Improved
"Internet" routines. Better ModalDialog filters. Changed application name.
Linked with Internet Config 2.0. Linked with MoreFiles 1.4.9. Linked with
Appearance SDK 1.03. Recompiled with Interfaces-Libraries 3.2. Recompiled
by using the newest compiler. All code revisited.

Path: /www/exparrot/

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