ZipIt 1.4

ZipIt 1.4 is a full-featured Macintosh utility to zip and unzip files. ZipIt
allows you to compress files and send them to friends and coworkers working
on PCs, Unix machines, or any other platform where the zip compression
format is standard, and to unzip any zip file as well. ZipIt is fully
compatible with all versions of PKZip, WinZip, and Info-Zip.

In addition, ZipIt allows you to compress Macintosh files without losing
essential Macintosh data. In version 1.4, ZipIt is smarter about which files
are Macintosh files, and which are not, allowing you to easily transmit zip
files to Mac and PC colleagues with no extra hassle.

ZipIt version 1.4 also adds the ability to create self-extracting zip
archives that will operate either on a Mac or a PC running Windows. Now you
don't have to worry about whether or not the person you're sending your zip
file to has an unzipping program. If you specify that the archive should be
self-extracting, then the recipient merely double-clicks on the archive, and
it will unzip itself.

ZipIt is fully AppleScriptable, meaning that you can automate its operation
and perform complex and repetitive archival tasks. Version 1.4 significantly
enhances ZipIt's AppleScript capabilities.

ZipIt is $15 shareware. The ZipIt web site may be found at ZipIt may be included on CD-ROM shareware
collections, provided that the CD-ROM is not sold for profit, beyond a
distribution or compilation charge. ZipIt may also be included on CD-ROMs
that accompany a technical book or publication.

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