Infodex 3.5

Infodex is very searchable database stack that is useful for storing texts
of intermediate length (in between Stickies/Notepad and a word-processor)
In addition, it provides linking to pictures, Quicktime movies, and Web;
supplement text with images, or vice-versa, and easily search the whole
wad. Finally, content cna be exported to HTML (Web pages). You may need to
know a little HTML, to make everything work perfectly. Web pages exported
from Infodex comply with HTML 4.0 Strict.

Use by non-profit organizations and non-professional persons costs $0;
whereas in the event of other use, let it hereby be known that a license
shall be required, in accordance with such state and federal regulations,
statutes and legislations as may apply, whereas fee for said license,
excluding taxes, tariffs, and other levies as have standing, shall equal
$10 in sum more or less.

That was a semi-amusing (at best) attempt to say that the shareware terms
are: non-profit use is free, and use by a for-profit concern cost $10.

Guaranteed perfection requires Hypercard 2.4. HC 2.3.5 will work, but can't
link to Web addresses and the display of graphics and movies is less
flexible. If you use features like speech synthesis, color graphics, or
anything beyond the capabilities of a Mac Plus, you will want to set the
RAM allocation of Hypercard to at least 2000K; you do this by selecting the
application Hypercard, and then choosing "Get Info..." from the File menu.
Hypercard does not always deal gracefully with inadequate RAM--it may cause
bugs and function failures.

The Hypercard Player is freely distributed by Apple, and bundled with every
new Mac. If it isn't on your harddrive, check the installation disk,
especially a folder called "CD Extras". If that fails, the Player can be
downloaded from Apple's Web site. You can link to Apple's Hypercard Web
page, and download other interesting stacks and applications, from:

Path: /www/exparrot/

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