Submittal of HyperCard Investment Tracking Program

"This is the latest version (9.1) of the Investment Tracking and Plotting
(IT&P) HyperCard program that was very favorably reviewed back in March
1989 by MaCazine as one of the finest they had seen. This is a financial
program with market indicator database current through 3/12/2000.

Version 9.1 replaces all previous IT&P versions through 8.1 and is fully
compatable with HyperCard up through ver 2.4 and is Y2K compliant.
Shareware $20.

If you have investments, you will appreciate this program, give it a try!
Excellent Shareware support.

Keywords: Investment, Plotting, Graphing, Vestment Graph, Stocks, Market,
Funds, Financial, Finance"

Riley Elwood

Path: /www/exparrot/

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