IcePick 4.0.4 - MacApp View Editor!

Announcing the release of IcePick 4.0.4! IcePick is a Power PC native
version of what was once the premier view editor for the MacApp
application framework. IcePick allows programmers and non programmers
alike to visually create their application windows. The resulting view
resources can be used with the MacApp application framework to easily
create a Macintosh program. Or the resources can run from with-in IcePick
to test the look and feel of the user interface.

This version replaces all previous commercial versions of IcePick from
Sierra Software, including the 3.0b12 version.

IcePick 4.0.4 is PPC only. IcePick supports 3.0 style views which are used
in MacApp 3.0-3.3 and R10-12.

IcePick is a shareware product. The $50 shareware fee can be paid via Kagi
Shareware. Details are in the documentation.

New features since version 4.0.3 :
* IcePick was not displaying all the text items in it's error dialogs.
* IcePick crashed when saving a file with Menu resources that referenced
an MDEF resource.
* IcePick was not showing the correct MacApp class name in the Owner field
of the Adorners window.
* IcePick crashed when closing the attributes window aftering changing the
window properties.

System requirements:
* System 7.5
* Power Macintosh with at least 16 MB of RAM
* 2 MB of hard drive space

For more information, please read the Read Me file enclosed.


Steve Graesser
White Lab Consulting

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