Stealth G3

by Anonymous


A very simple yet eye catching project. Using "Ultra Flat Krylon" paint, I was going for a 'stealth' look that shows up much better in person (stealths weren't ment to be photographed)


This project required zero sanding due to the rough texture of the orginal beige case. The keyboard disassembly and painting the zip drive flip up cover were the most difficult to deal with.

All of these pictures (except the one at left) were taken before the final touch ups along the seams of the panels and behind the CD doors. The photos below are a quick visual trip through the project! Enjoy, and feel free to post questions, suggestions, or comments below.

MVC-051F All the drives.

MVC-052F An empty case

MVC-053F Rear view

MVC-054F First Coat

MVC-055F Second coat

MVC-056F Speaker panel

MVC-057F Rear port cover

MVC-058F Drive bay covers

MVC-060F Stealth rear

MVC-061F Strike a pose

MVC-062F Pose #2

MVC-063F Pose #3

MVC-064F Pose #4

MVC-065F Extreme closeup

MVC-073F On the desk

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