launch-creator - (source) get a file "double-clicked" from

What: get any file/folder "double-clicked" from within a running program

Keywords: launch, Finder, scripting, AppleEvent

Language: C++, CodeWarrior9
System: System 7.x (7.5.3) but probably 6.x is OK, too.
Comments to:,
Version 1.1, June 1996

New in version 1.1
- the name of a file/folder to open can be specified either as an
ASCII C string, or as a FSSpec
- included (and shown off) code to convert FSSpec to the full path name
(and how it can be used to figure out the full path name to the
system folder and the stuff within)
- now works under CW9 (the previous version was compiled with
Symantec C++ 6.0)

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