MacWT 0.04

Date: Wed, 18 May 1994 14:24:36 -0500

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Enclosed is the entire Mac port of "wt", a 3D public domain engine.
This archive contains EVERYTHING relating to 0.04 on the home FTP site --
the documentation (what there is), the source code (in C), and the fat binary

I am not the author, nor am I the one who ported it to Mac.

Excerpts from the README:

wt - a 3D game engine Copyright (C) 1994 by Chris Laurel

This is still a preliminary version of my 3D game engine, wt.

* In the proud tradition of cp, mv, rm, as, and cc, now there is 'wt'
wt (never capitalized) stands for "what's that?"

* This is not by any means a complete game. It is just a demo of my
graphics engine. I'd never name a game wt.

* wt is portable software. See the section on porting at the end of this
README for information on what to change in order to port to another

* Features:
* Easy to edit world file. Just haul out your favorite text editor
and modify '' Or create your own .world file from
scratch. Whee. Just don't get carried away because the world
file format will be changing before the next release.
* No BSP trees were killed to make this program. Sorry . . . it's
late. BSP trees are elegant and fast *if* your environment is
static. I eventually want walls in wt that move and change shape.
However, if I can't kill a bug having to do with walls perpendicular
to the view plane, I may have to resort to a BSP tree for determining
wall visibility (or if my current algorithm is too slow for worlds
with a large number of walls.)
* Variable texture map size. Texture maps for walls can be any
width you like, but the height must be either 64 or 128. Floor
textures must be either 64x64 or 128x128. The main reason why
arbitrary powers of two aren't supported has to do with the fact that
Intels x86 chips don't have enough registers for my innermost loops.
* Texture scaling for walls. The walls have an x scale factor and
a y scale factor. It might be more properly called 'frequency,'
since the smaller the parameter, the bigger the texture map will
appear. Supporting the scaling factors requires a couple of extra
multiplies in the wall drawing function.

* Resources

* A wt mailing list has been started recently. Topics will include
improving the engine design and adding features, porting the
engine to different architectures, and game design using the wt
graphics engine. The addresses are:

to subscribe:
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