Macintosh port of GNU Emacs 20.3
This StuffIt archive contains the files needed to build the Macintosh
port of GNU Emacs 20.3. Either Metrowerks CodeWarrior Pro 4 or MPW-GW
(Feb. 1999) can be used to build it.

Instructions for building this port can be found in the README file.

This port still lacks some major features of Emacs (e.g., dump-emacs,
subprocesses, and networking capabilities) and should be viewed as a
work in progress. It is released under the GNU Public License.

This port has been built on a Power Macintosh 8500 with 48M of RAM. You
should be able to build it if you have a better machine.

In additional to this file, you will need the standard source
distribution of GNU Emacs 20.3.

The Emacs source distribution, the Mac files, and files generated by
compilation take up a little less than 100M disk space. Allow for a few
additional tens of megabytes of temporary disk space during a build.

A web page for this port can be accessed at




Up-to-date source code and patches as well as information about the port
will be posted there.


Andrew Choi

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