Date: Tue, 9 Feb 1993 15:36:53 +0800

This is the THINK Pascal 4.0.2 source code for MacBinary II+, a
System 7 drag&drop converter for MacBinary files. The source
code may be used for any non-commercial (ie, shareware or
freeware) purpose as long as I get a mention in the about box
and documentation of any derivative program. The code is very
sparsely commented. All pascal units ending with .unit are
taken from my personal library of reusable modules, and should
be fairly easy to incorporate into any other program. The
source code uses Michael Hecht's Task Manager code, and could
be used as an example of how to use that code, as well as
supporting the core Apple Events.

Hope its useful to someone,

MacBinary II+ v1.0.0 Copyright 1992-93 Peter N Lewis

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