MADE 1.7.0 - Macintosh Application Development Essentials

Macintosh Application Development Essentials (MADE for short) is a tiny
package of C/C++ code which provides all the lowest-level needs for a
Macintosh application. It contains basic routines for dealing with
errors, memory, menus, events, linked lists, AppleEvents and

MADE is used extensively at Sig Software for our own programs. Analog
Helper, Cross Platform, Drop Drawers and Email Effects for Mac are built
entirely on the MADE framework, while Email Merge and NameCleaner use
parts of it.

If you purchase MADE, you will receive extra code for string
manipulation, opening URLs, threading, dealing with memory and file
buffers, dialog box items and opening and saving files with the new
Navigation Services. All of these features are documented with comments
in the code.

Version 1.7.0 adds Classic/Carbon glue code to help you build for both
APIs from a single source code base, support for Appearance Manager Theme
Change events and memory leak testing.

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