Date: Fri, 4 Feb 1994 18:57:18 -0800 (PST)

Gift Givers!

This is source for Think C 5.0.4 which combines some routines found in
the original PD source for Maxwell-DA and a microShell made from the TC
demo "Bullseye."

All I did was get this to run in the shell. More work needs to be done
one it, but it stands as a demo for doing B/W sprite animation without

It puts up a window with a framed Rect. There are little happy faces
bopping around randomly, boncing off walls and each other. Ther are some
black dots doing the same. A bar down the Rect. center has a gate that
opens on mouseDown and closes on mouseUp. The idea is to open and close
it at the right time so that all the "balls" wind up on one side of the bar.

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