Menu Fixer 1.0 (source code)

Date: Mon, 15 Nov 1993 11:03:20 -0500 (EST)

Menu Fixer is a programmer's tool which will examine all the MENU resources
in a file and report (and optionally fix) discrepancies between the MENU
resource ID and the menu's internal menu ID. If your menus are showing up
scrambled or not showing up at all, try this first!

Menul Fixer is distributed under the GNU General Public License; this
archive contains complete THINK C 6.0.1 source code for the Menu Fixer
application, complete source code for an external application used to set
up the application's self-integrity checker, and notes for using the self-
integrity checker. You may freely redistribute this package as a whole;
you may freely modify this application and re-distribute it under the GNU
General Public License. See the file "GNU General Public License" in this
archive for details.

This code handles, among other things, events, menus, apple events, Gestalt
environment checking, hierarchical menus, dialogs, windows, off-screen
bitmaps, resource file management, and standard file dialogs. None of
this is very well commented, but feel free to direct any questions to

Menu Fixer 1.0 is copyright 1993, Mark Pilgrim, MerriMac Software Group.

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