WAREZ 1.1 (source code)

Date: Thu, 17 Feb 1994 00:44:04 -0500

WAREZ is a small utility to convert text files to WAREZ talk. Version 1.1
supports RTF files and fixes several technical bugs. This will be the last
version of WAREZ; all future enhancements will be part of the larger text
conversion program, Dialectic. Supports drag and drop of any number of text
files of any length. This archive contains complete THINK C source code,
project files, and resource files. Application also available; check ftp
sites or e-mail f8dy@netaxs.com. Finger f8dy@netaxs.com for complete program
list. Copyright (C) 1994, Mark Pilgrim. Please read enclosed file "GNU
General Public License" for licensing details.

Path: /www/exparrot/files.tidbits.com/info-mac/dev/src/warez-11-c.hqx

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