Date: Tue, 3 Sep 91 01:31:08 -0700

CMarker 0.6b1

I am posting this on behalf of the friend of mine in England who wrote it.

This is an invaluable utility for Think C.

It places a little button next to the close box in the title bar of each source
file window, and when you click on it, a menu of all the functions in the file
drops down. By selecting a name from the menu, it will automatically move to
that function. It makes it incredibly quick to find your way around source
files, especially large ones.

The other useful feature it has is to do with comments. C comments do not nest,
so if you have a block of C full of comments, and you want to comment out the
whole block, then just naively putting comment marks at the beginning and the
end of the block will not work. CMarker allows you to select a block of text,
choose the 'Comment' command from the menu, and it will comment the whole block,
in a way so that the embedded comments don't mess it up. When you later select
the same block again, the menu option changes to 'UnComment' and it will
reverse the changes it made.

This is all it does, but it does it job extremely well. It is unobtrusive,
reliable, and doesn't take much memory. I like it because it does what I
want, and does it well, instead of doing 100 things poorly, which seems to
be the case with so many utilities these days.

This utility has been tested successfully with System 6.0.x and System 7.
It was written for THINK C 4, but works fine with the new THINK C 5.


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