THINK Power 1.0b4

Date: Tue, 15 Mar 1994 21:52:06 +0200

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THINK Power 1.0b4 - Copyright, 1993 Stefan Arentz. All Rights Reserved.

+ What is it?

THINK Power is a tool for developers who use the THINK Project Manager. It
adds several features to the editor to make you more productive:

++ PopUp Functions: Click in a source code window's content region with the
command key down and a popup menu appears with all function and method
names contained in that file. If you choose a function name, that function
is selected and showed at the top of the window.

++ Extensions: THINK Power can call external code modules. These modules
live in the "THINK Power Extensions" folder in your Extensions Folder.
Externals can modify the contents of a window by using THINK Power's
callback routines.

++ Kissing: If you type a '{', '[' or '(', then THINK Power will highlight
the matching '}', ']' or ')'.

++ Stacking and Tiling of windows: It's still a mystery to me why the THINK
Project Manager doesn't have window stacking and tiling options. Anyway, I
added them to THINK Power.

I suppose this should go to the /info-mac/dev/ directory...

-- Stefan

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