Disk Charmer 3.1.5; disk erase/copy/verify utility

You don't have to wait for Mac OS X to initialize disks in background...

Disk Charmer is a neat utility that lets you conveniently erase and
copy disks, and handle disk images in DiskCopy and DiskDup+ format.
If you have Mac OS 8.1, you can now use the Mac OS Extended format
(a.k.a. HFS Plus) and even set the minimum allocation block size.
Disk Charmer lets you create larger disks: you gain 9K on 800K disks,
19K on HD disks, 1.5MB on Zips, 2.1M on MO230 disks.

At least System 7 is required.
Help Balloons are everywhere.
Disk Charmer has a nice, modeless interface.
It fully supports drag&drop.
It supports the handy "Undo" feature we all know and love.

New since version 3.1.4:

* Supports Navigation Services.
* Updated the Register application.

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