[*] DiskSurveyor 2.5

This new version of DiskSurveyor has many new features and enhancements:
- Support for Navigation Services
- A new consolidated view of the main scanning window and the Pie
Charts display, along with the new Bar Charts display
- New network management capabilities
- Improved performance

DiskSurveyor is a utility designed to provide relief to frustrated
computer users with cluttered hard drives. It doesn't promise to make
your hard drive any bigger, but it does show you, *GRAPHICALLY*, what's
using up all that space. Click on a folder and zoom in for a closer
look. Or, zoom back out. Shift-click on a folder, and it brings up the
ACTUAL folder so you and can drag the "offending" files to the Trash or
your backup volume. Create DiskSummary files that list all the files
found on CDROMs or any other volume. No longer will you have to waste
valuable time navigating through folder after folder trying to figure
out which files need to be archived or trashed to free up precious disk

System Requirements:
System 7 or greater and at least 256 colors (or shades of gray) are
PPC processor -- (68K version available at )

Shareware: $15 (US)

DiskSurveyor. A different way to look at your hard drive and CDROMs.

Tom Luhrs
TwiLight Software

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