DiskTracker 1.1.2

DiskTracker is an extremely powerful and flexible disk cataloging and
management system. It combines a huge feature set with a really easy to
use Mac-like interface. With DiskTracker, you can quickly and easily
create a catalog of every file on every one of your floppy disks, hard
drives, CD-ROMs, optical drives, servers, or whatever. Naturally,
DiskTracker can read into StuffIt and Compact Pro archives and
self-expanding applications.

After scanning your disks, you can then search the catalog at
unbelievable speeds with the powerful searching facility (including
multi-parameter and duplicate file searching). You can easily create
professional looking disk labels with the built in disk labeling
facility and label template designer.

Features include:

-View the contents of scanned volumes in a familiar easy-to-use
System-7-style file list. -Built in (fast!) virtual memory scheme
ensures that you won't run out of memory, even when scanning huge
volumes and CD-ROMs with only 600K of allocated RAM! -Intelligent disk
scanner can operate in the background and allows either scans of online
volumes and servers or floppy disks (insert disks one at a time to scan
them). -Launch files directly from the program, or have the finder
display them for you. -Fast, multi-parameter (use AND, OR, or XOR)
searches. Search on almost 20 different criteria! -Really powerful disk
labeling system allows completely automated disk label production. -Draw
your own label templates using the built in MacDraw(tm)-style template
editor, featuring powerful file-lists and rotatable text. -Fat binary
runs in native mode on PowerMacs or on 680x0 based machines. -Plus much,
much, much more!

DiskTracker requires System 7.0 or later and at least 700K of available

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