Drive Monitor 4.1.0

Have you wondered how much free space you had on the different drives
that are mounted on your MacOS system? Wonder no longer. Drive Monitor
displays a window that lists the vitals for all of the currently
mounted drives.

Requires Mac OS 8.5 with Carbon or newer. Runs native under OS X.

Well, lets see.... What does it do?
-Sort by whatever field you want
-Only show the fields that you are interested in
-Displays the names of all mounted volumes
-Displays the size of each of the volumes
-Displays the amount of free space on each volume
-Turns the entry for a volume red (default color) if it exceeds a user
defined threshold
-Indicates if a volume is locked.
-Displays the volume's icon
-Show a "thermometer" summary of the drive information

May be freely redistributed unmodified.

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