Find In Files 2.1J - Japanese Version

This is the Japanese version of the Find In Files package.

With Find In Files you can searche inside files for text.

Why would you use Find In Files? Here's an example: Suppose you have a
bunch of HTML documents, and one or more of them has some information you
need. You could open every one of the files and search them by hand, or
use Find In Files to search for you. Simply enter some key words in the
"Search For" text area, optionally enter the file search type, select the
folder where the search begins, and click on Search. Find In Files returns
with a list of files that contain the text, along with a text snippet.

Apple's "Sherlock" provides similar functionality, but with Find In Files
you don't need to go through the time consuming process of indexing and
updating your disks. With Find In Files you can search inside any or all
of your files at your own convenience!

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