Spring Cleaning Update 3.0.1

Requirements: Spring Cleaning 3.0
License: n/a
Description: New update available as of March 24, 1999

There is a new update available for users of Spring Cleaning 3.0.
Spring Cleaning version 3.0.1 updates:

1. A bug that affects both 68K and PowerMacs that would result in Out
of Memory messages or causing intermittent quits has been fixed.
2. A bug that incorrectly displays volume sizes over 4 Gigs has been
updated as well.
3. With Document Finder some invisible files are not found and do not
show up in the Search Results window, this has been corrected in
update 3.0.1.
4. The new StuffIt 5.1 engine is included in the 3.0.1 update, this
will handle the issue of having to install separate Text Encoding
Converters. With the 3.0.1 update users will not need to install
the Text Encoding Converters. If Spring Cleaning 3.0 users are
already using the StuffIt 5.1 engine (found in DropStuff 5.1 and
the StuffIt Engine SDK) then they don't need to worry about this

Once downloaded, double-click the update to run it. You will
be presented with important installation instructions - be sure to
read them.

To run the installer:

1. Restart your computer with extensions off/disabled.
2. Locate the file Spring Cleaning 3.0.1 Updater
3. Run the installer.*
4. Restart again with your extensions enabled.

* If the updater does not find a copy of SpringCleaning then you may
need to rebuild your Desktop by restarting your computer while holding
down the [option] + [Comand] keys until the dialog, "Are you sure you
want to rebuild the Desktop on ?"

NOTE: If you have a version of Spring Cleaning that is earlier than 3.0
(i.e. Spring Cleaning 2.0), this update will be of no use to you. (To
upgrade to the most current version, Spring Cleaning version 3.0,
please visit our Spring Cleaning 3.0 Upgrade Information page at:

Path: /www/exparrot/files.tidbits.com/info-mac/disk/spring-cleaning-update-301.hqx

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