Security/Password protection program: SuperLock 4.0.1 Lite

SuperLock Lite is a slimmed-down version of the popular SuperLock
Pro. Designed with the home and small-office user in mind, SuperLock
4.0 Lite has the following features:

* Immune to force-quitting with Command-Option-escape
* Immune to the Shift key being held down on startup
* Maintains an activity log and notifies owner of attempted break-ins
* Hides the desktop and all other windows for privacy
* Supports dual users, with one being an administrator
* Shuts down the Mac after too many attempts

In addition, it features a customizable message in the login dialog,
support for Navigation Services, and is backed up by TriVectus's
world-class technical support.

SuperLock 4.0 Lite requires Mac OS 8 and the PowerPC processor. It is
sold as shareware at a price of $25 for a single-user license. Site
and worldwide licenses are also available.

TriVectus home page:
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