SwitchBack 3.7J - Japanese Version

This is the Japanese version of the SwitchBack package.

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SwitchBack is a file synchronization and backup utility.

SwitchBack makes it easy and safe to synchronize two disks, so that both
contain your most recently updated documents. Simply choose two folders
to compare, and SwitchBack does the rest, quickly and painlessly.

The two folders can reside on the same or different disks, or on two
computers connected by a network, or even over the Internet. You can ask
SwitchBack to tell you in detail what it is doing, or let it go to work,
only advising you when there's a problem.

It has been designed principally for those people with two computers
(especially desktop and laptop) who need to ensure that they have the
most recent version of their documents available to them.

SwitchBack requires at least MacOS X. It is recommended that you use
SwitchBack with the most recent version of the System software (at the
time of writing - MacOS X 10.2.3).

New Features since version 3.6:

Supports files >2GB in size.
Supports forks beyond data and resource forks.
ShutDown and Sleep work correctly under OS X.
Added an archiving feature.
Always copies the entire contents of a package.
Uses / instead of : as directory separator.
Errors are now always logged to a report window.
Now presents warning if cancelling while in the middle of copying a package.
Cancelling half way through a one-way backup no longer leaves a partial file.
Correctly deletes .FBCindex and similar files when necessary.
Under certain circumstances a collision could be incorrectly flagged. Fixed.
Quit during a backup allows you to optionally proceed.

Multiple interface enhancements.
Mulitple performance improvements and bug fixes for MacOS X.

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