Synchronize! Pro 3.5.5 - Mac Server File Sync and Backup

This is Synchronize! Pro 3.5.5, a professional-strength file server
mirroring, synchronization and backup utility, fully compatible for Mac OS
8! As an introduction to Synchronize! Pro, you may use its basic file
synchronization and backup features FREE. Just download this Compact Pro
archive and try it out, or if you've already purchased Synchronize! Pro,
replace your current version with this newer version.

As a way of introducing you to Synchronize! Pro, you may use its basic file
synchronization and backup features FREE. Decompress this Compact Pro
archive and try it out. The many advanced features of the program may be
demonstrated with folders which contain less than 1 MB. Unlimited use of
the advanced features requires the purchase of the program, which is
$99.95, plus shipping.

As an example, you can use Synchronize! Pro to mirror a file server to a
second file server, or locally-connected hard disk, including user and
group privileges for each folder. The second file server becomes a
network-accessible "hot backup", in case your main file server fails.
Synchronize! Pro mirrors can be scheduled to happen at night or at any
preset time, once or peridically, without anyone present.

Features include:
> Backup a file server, including privileges, to a local hard disk or to
>another file server.
> Hierarchical display of files to be copied, like the Finder
> Selection of files or folders, by full or partial file name,
file type, creator, and label.
> Easy one-way mirror or backup, with deletion of old files
> Copy AutoDoubler files without expanding them
> Conflict checking
> Synchronization of deleted files
> Use aliases to group certain files and folders to sync
> Optional verification
> Automatic synchronization at any time, once or periodically
> Launch Synchronize! Pro automatically, when sync is needed
> Automatic connection to server disks, using File Sharing
or AppleShare
> Automatic entry of Remote Access and server passwords, so you
don't have to be there to enter them
> Automatic unmounting of remote disks
> Automatic disconnection of AppleTalk Remote Access
> Automatic shutdown or sleep when done
> Activity log

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