Trash Bag 1.2.2

Add this absurdly simple application to your Startup Items
folder, and you'll never have to worry about download clutter
again. Trash Bag creates and maintains a folder that looks like
a bag in front of your desktop trash can. Use it as the
destination folder for encoded Internet downloads, Web browser
cache files, or anything you doubt you'll need tomorrow, and
Trash Bag will put them in the Trash automatically.

Unlike the "real" Trash, your Trash Bag folder lets you open
what's inside it, and you can access it through standard file
dialogs. It's also great for making a temporary backup copy of
a document before editing - just Option-drag it to the bag.
Tomorrow, when you no longer need it, it'll be in the Trash.

Version 1.2.1 adds compatibility with Mac OS 8.0, and offers some
visual feedback to show you that it's working. Version 1.2.2
fixes a very minor bug.

This program is part of the AWOL Utilities 1.4 package,
which includes the following programs: Virtual Desktop 1.9.1,
Maybe 1.5.2, Help on Wheels 1.3 (and HoW Developer's Kit 1.3),
PictPocket 1.3.2, Menu Events 1.3.1, Menu Grabber 1.3.1, Trash Bag 1.2.2.
All of them are free, and Copyright (c) 1994-7 Ross Brown.

Ross Brown
AWOL Software Productions

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