Trygve's CMM Plug-Ins 1.1

Trygve's CMM Plug-Ins 1.1

These are MacOS 8 Contextual Menu Manager plug-ins. The Contextual Menu
Manger is a new feature of MacOS 8. To use these plug-ins you need to be
running MacOS 8 on a PowerPC machine. When you control-click on objects
in the Finder, plug-ins can add their own commands to the contextual
menu, and then carry out commands on those files.

Here are the plug-ins in this version:

- Hide / Undo Hide - Hides the selected files. The previous Hide can be
- Lift and Set File Info - Lets you set files' creators and/or types to
the those of other files.
- Lock / Unlock - Locks or unlocks the selected files.
- Remove Custom Icon - Removes custom icons from the selected files.
- Set File Info - Sets the selected files' creator and/or type from a
preset list of choices (which you can easily configure with ResEdit).
- Simple Strip HTML - Removes all HTML tags from the selected HTML text
- Text to Mac - Converts the selected text files' line endings to Mac
- Text to DOS - Converts the selected text files' line endings to DOS
- Text to Unix - Converts the selected text files' line endings to Unix
- Touch - Sets the selected files' modification date to "now".

More information can be found in the readme file and at the website
listed below. Enjoy!

Trygve Isaacson

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