][2Mac 2.1

][2Mac is a set of 3 applications, 1 for the Mac and 2 for the Apple-][,
that allow you to backup and restore Apple-][ floppies to/from a Mac.
The floppy-image is stored on the Mac in a format that is recognized by
IIe, the Apple //e emulator for the Mac, written by Victor and Vincent Tan

One of the users of ][2Mac even reported, that he has successfully
transferred DOS 3.3-, ProDOS- as well as Pascal-formatted disks from
his Apple //e to his Mac, and that he is using the diskimages now
on his Mac, in the IIgs emulator called 'Bernie ][ the Rescue'
(see: http://www.magnet.ch/emutech/Bernie/).

Also... ][2Mac enables you to use a Macintosh to send out and receive
Apple-][-disks to and from your friends over the internet...

New in this version:
-][2Mac should now be able to use a KeySpan Serial-adapter (serial to USB
converter). Configure ][2Mac to 'Use The Mac's Printerport' from the
Special-menu, configure the KeySpan software to do the same by opening
the Control Panel Keyspan USA28 Assistant1 and then:
-Click on the Advanced Settings1 button
-Make sure the Emulate Printer Port1 option is active
-Connect the Apple-][ to port 1 of the KeySpan Serial Adapter
-Apple-c is now Apple-IIc in the Special menu.
-Fix for not being able to find the Preferences-file in a Mac that runs
both Mac OS 9.X and MacOS X.
-Fix for a bug that sometimes made the progressbar invisible (registered
versions only).

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