Music Tutor 1.0

MacMuse Software, Shareware for Education, announces the release of Music
Tutor 1.0 which uses Apple's QuickTime Musical Instruments to provide a
virtual keyboard for the music student to study note names, scales and
intervals. The "Music Buttons" feature also provides a timed game for a fun
and challenging study of notes, symbols, and composers. Players compete to
top their best personal time as well as the best time posted by all players.
Music Tutor's features include:
-> Repeat Sequence: Players attempt to repeat a sequence of notes played by
the computer.
-> Play the Note: Students play the named note on the virtual keyboard.
-> Hear Intervals: Users must find the 2nd note a an interval played by the
-> Play Intervals: Given the starting note and the name of an interval,
students must play the second note on the virtual keyboard.
-> Play Scales: Students are asked to play any of 10 different kinds of
scales or the student can choose the specific scale type.
Options include:
View As Staff
Show note names
Record/Play Tunes: Users can record (sequence) simple melodies and play them
back and/or store them for later use.
Music Button modules include:
-> Treble clef names
-> Bass clef names
-> Note values
-> Articulations
-> Symbols
-> Composer Names
**Music Tutor 1.0 also includes an option and instructions for creating new

Shareware $10. Site License $70. Registration documents included with the
program. Music Tutor is a $3 upgrade for registered users of MacMuse
Software's Music Buttons 1.0.

System Requirements
Macintosh PPC processor
13" Monitor (640x480) or larger
System 8.1 or better
Apple QuickTime extension
2.7 MB hard drive space
4 MB free RAM (minimum)

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