V&N English French Dictionary - language learning

'English French Dictionary 1.0' is a dictionary module for use with the
'Verbs & Nouns' and 'V&N Lookup' programs. You can download the latest
versions of 'Verbs & Nouns' and 'V&N Lookup' directly from the Info-Mac
archives (the Education/Language directory), or via links from this web
site site: .

This dictionary contains more than 14000 English words (plus about 4000
derivative forms and short phrases). It is mostly based on the 'FreeDict'
source. The dictionary module itself is free, to use it you need the
shareware program 'Verbs & Nouns 2.6.2' or later (or 'V&N Lookup 1.4.7' or
later) which you can download from the same places as this module - the
unregistered versions of 'Verbs & Nouns' and 'V&N Lookup' have some

Jacek Iwanski.

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