[*] Kid Pix - freeware paint application for kids (and adults too)

Date: Sat, 17 Aug 91 14:40:07 EST
Organization: Connecticut's Business School

This is Craig Hickman's freeware version of Kid Pix. There's a commercial
version that supports color paint and enhanced features. This version IS
a full featured black & white paint program compatible with System 7 (at
least in 24-bit mode without using VM). It was written in Nov 1989 so I'm
surprised that 'archie' couldn't find it in any of the 685 archives it
searches. Maybe it came and went two years ago? A father recently asked
about Macware for children and this is a first rate example. Other parents
may want to download Kid Pix and some adults who don't often need a paint
program (like me, for example) may find that Kid Pix satisfies their few

HQX'd Compact Pro archive.

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