LetterWorld 1.9.8a - An educational childrens game

Letter World is a children's game designed to help them learn
associations of letters and words (as well as keep them entertained for
awhile). At least 1 Meg of ram should be used to run the game, but 1.2
Meg is suggested and 1.5 Meg is best. It should work with most
macintosh systems. The game will work in black and white, but color is
a lot snappier (i.e. big nifty factor for the kids).

This release is an Alpha release, which means that it has not been fully
tested and all the new features have not been finished yet. This is
where I need your help. Please try out the game and let me know what
features you would like to see added for the final version.

Matt Keith
Keith Productions

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