Sabine Doscbthm Bitmap Fonts

Sabine Doscbthm is a font made from the font for the Sabine 9-Bit Text
System on the Apple II and SabineOS on MS-DOS. I liked how this font
looked, especially on my Apple II emulator, so I decided to recreate it.

"Doscbthm" is pronounced "dos-ki-bi-thum" and stands for Dead Operating
System Coming Back To Haunt Me, referring of course to SabineOS.

SabineOS was a graphical operating system written in Microsoft
QuickBasic. That's right. There were a few programs written (Applicat,
Character Map, Screen Saver, Icon Editor, and the Color control panel)
but nothing else. It proved to be insanely complex and impossible to
program. You couldn't even have more than one window. And because it was
written in QuickBasic, it was painfully slow. Learn my lesson now: Don't
try making a graphical OS in QuickBasic. It won't happen. And I have
pages and pages of incomplete GUI code to prove it.

(C) 2003 Kreative Software

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