Show Doze Fonts 1.0.1(demo)

Show Doze Fonts is a font utility that allows the user to view TrueType
fonts which in MS-Windows format rather than in Macintosh format. From
within the program one opens a file or choses a folder to examine, and Show
Dose Fonts will display (win)Doze font(s). The user can change the default
text and size of the samples on the screen, and also anti-alias the
samples. The full version includes not only the ability to view these
"alien" fonts, but also the ability to translate fonts in Windows' format
to Macintosh format. This demo version limits those conversions to one per
use, and the one to be converted must be small (under about 40k).
Information on the availability of the full version is included in the

This version, which no longer has an expiration date, replaces the version
which had expired some time ago but which is still sitting in the
font/utilities area of info-mac. If you were frustrated by its expiration,
my apologies--download this version.

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