CiNDY is useful to organize Tombola (Bingo) games. Usually the game is built
over one set of 48 cards of 15 numbers.
If you organize public games, you know that often there are a lot of players!
So, you need to enhance the play, increasing the number of cards to play.
CiNDY resolve forever the problem.
CiNDY was projected to build large sets of cards, very large! You can build
sets frow few tens to 1500 cards! Every card can contains also 25 numbers.
Every card is different from every other, they are balanced (every number is
used the same number of times) and progressively numbered. The program can
print the cards on paper. Finally, it can export data in two formats.
Great for Christmas days, it's very easy to use, and its interface is very
well projected.
You can build many different sets, obtaining very different profiles of game.
Using a simulator, the program shows you how one game evolves on average.
It's useful also for playing with kids, so they can spoil the cards.
CiNDY exists for Macintosh and for Windows, and is Shareware.
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