Clue Deluxe(B&W)

THIS IS IT !!! CLUE DELUXE !!! The old game had 5 scenarios and once
you finished them, well you were done, period. Get ready for Clue Deluxe
the updated version of Clue. This is the black and white version and it runs
on ALL Macintosh models. It's quicker, cleaner, and the number of new
mysteries it can solve is limited only to the imagination of the people who
play it. This new version allows YOU to CREATE YOUR OWN SCENARIOS for
your private collection OR posting on the net ! Remember Miss Scarlett,
Mr Green, and Mrs Peacock? They're all here. And waiting for you to test
your sleuthing abilities to discover WHO did it, WHAT they did it with,
WHERE they did it, and even WHY they did it.
The Clue Deluxe Scenario Editor allows you to create mysteries for
yourself and others. The game is only as much fun as the mysteries
written for it, and the more mysteries, the better the game. So, here is
your opportunity to write your own game, add it to your collection, or put
it up on the internet and help build the new Clue Deluxe Board game into
the best mystery game possible.
If you are one of the thousands who enjoyed the Macintosh board game
Clue you're gonna LOVE Clue Deluxe. Be a part of the Clue Cult and possibly
even join the ranks of Mystery Writers. Don't be left out. Download it

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