Seismic Duck 1.6 - new version of seismology game

It displays sound waves travelling underground. Learn how geologists
use sound waves to look for oil under the ground. Experiment yourself.
Then try your turn at helping the duck find oil before going broke.
Despite the geophysical basis for the game, at easy levels even
grade-school children can play the game. At the hard levels, the game
is challenging even for professionals.

System Requirements:
* PowerPC Macintosh
* At least 256 colors
* 8 MB of free memory
* MacOS 7.1 or later

New features since version 1.4:
* Multiple window sizes
* Frame rate throttle for fast Macs
* Squiggle seismograms

Distribution: Seismic Duck 1.6 is freeware. See duckumentation for terms.
The author requests comments on its game and educational value.

Author: Arch D. Robison
1406 Country Lake Drive
Champaign IL 61821

Path: /www/exparrot/

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