XBubbles 1.2J - Japanese Version

This is the Japanese version of the XBubbles package.

XBubbles is a game of logic. The task is easy but the way is tricky. Every turn
five balls of eight different kinds appear on the game field at random. Each turn
you can move one ball to any free position with one exception - a ball can't jump
over another one. Your task is to assemble five or more similar balls in a line in
any direction. When you put last ball in line all balls in that line will disappear
and you get free turn. Your score is calculated by a complex rule, according to
the number of turn's you took, number of extra balls and so on.

XBubbles is the next generation of Bubbles which was written for classic Mac OS
few years ago. XBubbles is completely redesigned and implemented in Cocoa on
Mac OS X.

System Requirement

Mac OS X 10.1 or later is recommended. However XBubbles should run fine on
earlier versions of Mac OS X.

Version 1.2 Changes:

* Added ?gHuge?h game field size (15 by 15 cells).
* Number of new balls can now be set to 3 by numerous requests from players.
* Minor performance and stability improvements.

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