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Keyboard Hack

I just bought a powerbook g4 keyboard off of eBay, and I am working on converting it into a wireless keyboard (bluetooth or Rf). I know this will be a hard task, but I am willing to buy an existing wireless keyboard for parts. Does anyone know how to get started. The main issues are being able to power the device properly and correctly converting the proprietary connection into a workable solution. Any help or tips would be well received. Thanks.

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Keyswitch types/compatibility

I'd worry most about compatibility of switch types or the replacement thereof. I take it that you got the KBD for its appearance, if so, your stock switch's compatability with, or adaptability to, prospective donor KBDs would the be first item on my checklist.

google: capacitive + switch + . . . .

That'd be the worst case problem and comparisons in the explanations should tell the rest of the tale!

There are keyboard sites that might give you ideas in the LinksProjectClassic, IIRC.

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