iMac mezzanine pinout/infos?

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iMac mezzanine pinout/infos?

Anyone have the pinout for the iMac revs A/B mezzanine/perch slot? Or any other mezzanine slot info? I Googled 'til my eyes bled but found nothing other than references to the Game Wizard and Formac's scsi adapter.

I have the crazy notion to add a PCcard cage, arguably the most useful of all upgrade slots short of an actual PCI slot.

Dan K

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i've heared of somthing

it was a video out and serial port card for early iMacs, it did use the mezzanine slot, but i think it wasn't supported by apple (it might have voided the warranty or summit) it was called the iPort and made by Griffin, it cost about
$60-$90 and scroll to the bottom of the page
(Mac museum and PB 500 battery re-celling walkthrough)

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The iPort didn't use the Mezz

The iPort didn't use the Mezzanine slot. It just connected to the internal headers on the motherboard for onboard video and IrDA adapters.


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