Frog Xing is based on one of the most cherished and beloved arcade
games of all time: Frogger. During the game, you guide a frog
across a busy highway and a river full of mayhem to dock on the
other side. Along the way you can catch bonuses to score extra
points. Frog Xing has a nostalgic look to it, with a tip of the
hat to the classic arcade games. With both traditional and new
sound effects and a hopping music score, the gameplay is addictive
and should be fun for both novices and arcade experts. Even children
will enjoy watching and helping the frog cross to the other side.
Frog Xing requires: System 7.0 or greater; preferably a 68040 Mac; at
least 16 colors or greys; a 640 x 480 display; Sound Manager 3.0; 2.5 Meg
of RAM; and 1.2 Meg of hard disk. Frog Xing is shareware and it costs $15.

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